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"I was mesmerized as Dr. Foley delivered one of the most unforgettable speeches I have ever witnessed." 

L. A. Jackson

AW Collection

An influential instructor.

Dr. Foley has taught on the primary through collegiate levels for over twelve years. Her teaching style has positively impacted her former students as they have not only continued their education, but have incorporated much of her life lessons into their daily walk.


"Education gave me my chance in this world! Had I not decided to become a lifelong learner, my own life story would be stunted in significance and I wouldn't have had the opportunity to touch so many beautiful souls along the way."


A masterful storyteller.

Dr. Foley, figuratively known as Bella Black, has published two fiction novels that not only entertain, but enlighten her readers on various life challenges and how to bravely overcome them.

"Through my writing, I purposely fuse educational elements with various life situations that people can relate to. I want, when people close my books, to desire to be better."


A profound voice.

With a compelling life story and an enduring spirit of excellence, Dr. Foley humbly transforms lives with her message of hope, healing and triumph.

"There is no mediocrity in my message. I have learned from those who have paved the way that we owe it to ourselves to live our best life despite obstacles. I hope that my words will inspire excellence, evoke action and transcend generations to come."

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